Ecigarette Battery Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

We are happy to announce the release of a brand new Ecigarette battery cleaning kit. This easy-to-use cleaning kit provides all the tools that allow accessible cleaning to help your battery last longer.

Depending on your personal use of the battery, we recommend a thorough cleaning one to two times a month to ensure optimal life. Be removing build up and debris, your battery will perform better, and last longer.

Cleaning Kit contains
10 Cleaning Solution Pads
2 T-pins
Cleaning Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit 5

Extend your battery life by keeping it clean

23rd Jun 2012



This is a must have for any ecigarette user. I have been using electronic cigarettes for over a year now, and these batteries do get pretty nasty. The build up happens every month or two and then the fun starts of batteries acting up. Prior to this cleaning kit Premium customer support used to tell me to clean it, but they failed to provide required items to do so. Now that I have this cleaning kit. It takes no longer but few minutes every once in a while and batteries are working perfectly. This is a must have product for you ecigarettes and it will last you long time.

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit 5

Must have for every ecig user

11th May 2012



I like that Premium came up with this cleaning kit. I have been a customer for almost a year now. I found that after 2-3 months of ecig use, the batteries would get hard build-up on the threads. This cleaning kit removed the build-up in seconds. Very easy to use and after, you have a brand new looking battery. There were several times that I called customer service thinking that my batteries stop working, but it turned out that the build-up was so thick that my battery was not making the connection with the cartomizer. So once Premium cleaned several of my batteries, I was happy to find that they started offering the cleaning kit. Good idea, Premium is always on the top of their game. Great customer support and great product support.

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit 5

Clean batteries

3rd May 2012



I have been using electronic cigarette batteries from Premium for about 5-6 months. I was getting some build-up on the battery threads, probably some sort of condensation from cartomizer's liquid. I decided to try out the cleaning kit and managed to remove all of the dirt and built-up. Very simple instructions and it only took me 5 minutes to clean up and now I have almost new battery.

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