Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit

Electronic Cigarette pocket starter kit
  • Electronic Cigarette pocket starter kit
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Product Description

Compact. Lightweight.

# of Batteries: 1  (please note second battery shown in the image is for reference only)
Battery Size: PR110 or PR111
# of cartomizers: 2 
Carrying Case: Any available Color  
Puffs per cartridge: 250-300 
Flavor: Any of the twenty available flavors 
Nicotine Level: High, Medium, Low or Nicotine Free 
Charger: USB only
E-cig length with cartomizer attached: 3.9in (100mm) or 4.2in (110mm)

Premium Electronic Cigarette introduces the most inexpensive Electronic Cigarette kit on the market. So portable, it comes with its own carrying case.


1. Open the carrying case.
2. Take the battery out.
3. Screw the battery into the USB charger. Plug the charger into the USB port on your PC or AC adapter.
4. Charge the battery for 2-3 hours. Red light on the charger indicates that the battery is charging. Green or blue (depending on version) light indicates that the battery is fully charged.
5. Unplug the USB charger and unscrew the battery.
6. Take the refill cartridge and remove both rubber caps. If present, remove the plastic piece from the center hole on the threaded end.
7. Screw the cartridge onto the battery.
8. You are now ready to use Premium electronic cigarette.

Customer Reviews

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Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.9

Nice and small ecig starter

29th Jul 2012



Everything that you want in one little carrying case. It fits perfectly in my purse and it has everything that I need to use electronic cigarette through out the day. The price is also fairly attractive, no need to pay $80 for a full starter, but I would use the second battery once in a while.

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.9

The perfect kit

27th Jun 2012



I love electronic cigarettes. I wish I would have switched earlier. At first they were soooo expensive. I was not going to spend $150 at the mall. I did a lot of research online and kept on seeing Premium in many review sites. Even know they didn't ranked in position 1, I liked the fact that Premium offers such a vast selection of products. I would certainly rate them #1. This pocket kit is absolutely perfect. It fits in my purse and doesn't take up too much room. Just like pack of cigarettes would. I keep my ecigarette, an extra cartomizer, and extra battery (that I purchased separately). I manage to get with one battery through out an entire day, and in the evening I recharge it. The case is very classy. Ecigarettes is slightly heavier that regular cigarette, but I got usd to it feirly quickly. Vapor production is good, but the best part is flavor. I love Premium tobacco flavor. Premium really nailed the perfect ecigarette tobacoo flavor. I originally received regular tobacco cartomizers, but later I made the switch to Premium Tobacco cartomizers. They are much better tasting. Finally, I probably already saved a little $400 by not smoking regular cigarettes.

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.9

Convenient starter kit

23rd Jun 2012



I love this convenient starter kit. The taste is pretty good, it took me few days to get use to it, and I can take it anywhere. I work in a smoke free workplace, and this starter kit is perfect for my environment!

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.9

Tried disposable and now next step to save more.

21st Jun 2012



I've been smoking since high school, 12 years later this Ecigarette craze comes around!!! I bought a disposable ecig, Flavor Vapes, from local Kmart and was instantly hooked! I usually smoke a pack a day and I was buy a disposable every 3 days. So finally I decided that this is definitely the right product for me, so I just ordered the premium starter kit with the Vanilla flavor. I hope you guys will start stocking Vanilla cartomizers in Kmart soon.

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