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Why would you trade regular tobacco cigarettes for an electronic version? Many people who are considering the switch hesitate because they think it is trading one bad habit for another. But consider this: what would you think if you gave up an hour of TV and took a walk instead? Or if you traded in your super-sized extra-greasy fast food meal for a small burger and salad? You are certainly trading up and working towards better habits and ultimately better health. This is the aim of those who choose the e-cigarette. Why would you switch? Why wouldn’t you?

The average price for a pack of premium tobacco cigarettes is well over $6.00, and with new state and federal taxes, it tops $9.00 in many areas. Nine dollars for a pack of cigarettes. The average smoker smokes between twenty and forty cigarettes per day. If you take the low figure, that is $9.00 per day; $63 a week; $252 a month; and $3024 a year.

Imagine if you got a $3000 raise at work, or if someone handed you a check for that amount. Certainly something to smile at, yet that is the amount of money that is literally going up in smoke. An electric cigarette, in contrast, can cost under $80, and electronic cigarette refill cartridges cost less than $15 for 5 cartridges. Each cartridge lasts for about 250-300 puffs. The savings are clear. Take the extra money and save it – or buy yourself a treat for making such a good decision.

In the forties and fifties, the movies were full of beautiful people lighting up. Bette Davis is featured in most of her millions of photos with a cigarette in hand. The slim holders, the graceful hands, and painted lips seared a glamorized picture of smoking into generations of heads. Today, this picture has been replaced with one not so pleasant: leathery skin, yellow teeth and eyes, hacking coughs, chronic illnesses.

The appearance of smoking is no longer beautiful, but people still find the habit hard to kick. For these people, an e-cigarette offers a way to reduce smoking without further damaging their appearance. No more yellow stains on your fingers, no more foul, smelly clothing or hair. It is amazing how noticeable the absence of smoke is in your life. A night out won’t leave you stinking; if you smoke in your car on the way to work, you don’t have to scramble to air out and freshen your breath so you are presentable. You can take a break and not have to worry about bringing a cloud of smoke back in with you. It is freeing – and much better smelling.

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