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A revolution in smoking is taking place.  The revolution is requiring a new term for what has always been called smoking.  Regular tobacco cigarettes produce smoke when lit.  The smoke is drawn through the cigarette by the smoker and inhaled.  If the smoke is not inhaled, it burns out into the surrounding atmosphere from the lit end of the cigarette producing secondhand smoke. 

Electronic cigarettes do not produce any amount of smoke at all.  They do produce vapors that are then inhaled.  Vaping is the term that has been created to replace the term smoking.  You will not be smoking an electronic cigarette, you will be vaping.  Vaping is a much more appropriate description than smoking when using electronic cigarettes. 

Changing the terminology is not half as important as changing exactly what is being ingested by the user.  Tobacco cigarette smoke contains somewhere around 4,000 chemicals.  The count fluctuates depending upon whose numbers you look at, but there are approximately 40 to 60 known cancer causing carcinogens in tobacco smoke that have been proven harmful both to smokers and exposed non-smokers alike.

Vaping is the ingesting of vapors consisting of four basic ingredients.  Those ingredients are:  water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavor.  The vast difference between smoking and vaping should be recognized immediately.  The reduction of the amount of chemicals being ingested into the body is staggering.  There can be no doubt from the evidence that vaping is a much healthier activity than smoking because the reduction to the exposure to vast amounts of chemicals.  The great news is the fact that vapor is not smoke so there is no secondhand smoke that non-smokers will have to contend with.

Vaping allows the user to choose what type of flavor they enjoy tasting the most.  Your favorite may be coffee, cherry, strawberry, or chocolate.  Of course, there is even tobacco tasting flavor if you are really into the tobacco taste that you have always known.  More and more flavors are being created all the time to provide variety to electronic cigarette users enjoying vaping.

Vaping is considered a cold form of smoking.  Tobacco smoke is produced from the heat and burning of tobacco.  Vaping is vapors that are created without the need to actually burn a product to produce smoke.  Vapors are smokeless.  Vapors do not create tar or ash.

Vaping can be done in almost any venue without having to fear the normal smoking bans.  Vaping takes place in office buildings, restaurants, bars, gyms, trains, taxis, and almost everywhere smoking has been banned.  You no longer have to find a “suitable” or quarantined area to enjoy the nicotine that your body is craving. 

Smoking is now not only extremely unhealthy, but predominately and increasing much more inconvenient to even find a place where you can smoke without fear of a fine.  Vaping gives back the freedom to enjoy nicotine when you want and where you want.  Spread the word – smoking is out and vaping is in!